10:30am Fitness Bootcamp

Shed Weight.  Gain Muscle.  Get Fit.
We will meet every Saturday morning at 10am at the Red House driveway, where fitness equipment will be staged and ready.
Registration is required, contact Dylan or Pete (info below).
The weekly training sessions will be fun and invigorating, focusing on bodyweight exercises, functional fitness, and circuit training to gain benefits for the full body.
Dylan Morgan and Pete Asplund combine for decades of athletic and functional fitness training, nutrition consulting and wellness coaching.
We want to provide an opportunity to train together as a community, with friends at all levels of fitness who seek to improve and grow together.
All ages are welcome, and all fitness levels from beginners to athletes.
Open to all ages, but for safety reasons, children are not encouraged unless they are already training for sports or athletics and can follow directions with a high level of spacial awareness.
We estimate 16 and up, but the age minimum is flexible based upon ability.
These sessions are open to everyone, at no charge, and none will be turned away from participating.
Love offerings and Donations are gratefully accepted, and will be split between Unity of Dallas and the coaches (which helps with equipment costs as we continually improve this program).
Participants will sign a waiver before their first session begins.
Contact Pete or Dylan for more information or to register for the next session.
Pete:   214 455 4041    peteasplund@gmail.com
Dylan: 214 909 8649   ttgjitz@gmail.com