10:30am Save the Bees!

In recent years, we've become aware that Honey bees are clearly vital parts of our ecosystem, acting as highly efficient pollinators of our food crops as well as for wild flora. We need bees to keep our crops and earth healthy, but in recent years their numbers have been decreasing by the billions. 
Learn what YOU need to know to help save the bees.
You don't need to be a beekeeper to help!
Ryan Giesecke, of the Trinity Valley Bee Keepers Association in DFW will speak to us about:
What it looks like when bees swarm to split the hive (meaning they are looking for a new home) 
Understanding basic bee-havior and how to not fear them
What to do if you find a hive at your home
What to ask a relocation provider
What a TRUE Bee-Friendly relocation looks like.
This is a free commUnity event - Donations are welcome and will be shared between Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association and Unity of Dallas.