10am 1-Day Experiential Spiritual Healing Workshop with Mark Earlix

Awaken to a Power of Healing in Your Life     
Going Beyond the Mindset of  Wanting to Heal Yourself and Others 
What if… you could heal?
What if… the touch of your hand could relieve pain? 
What if… the prayer of your heart could alleviate suffering?                                                         
How would… this knowledge change your life?                          
How would… it changes how you see and feel about yourself and others? 
Every Spiritual Healing Workshop is unique, and all Workshops are for beginners… and for those that are advanced in any Healing studies.          
The Gift of Healing is available to all; Learn Mark's techniques of hands-on-hands-off Spiritual Healing in this extraordinary and experiential workshop.
Learn to: Scan the body and detect specific ages of infliction. Work with disease and injury. Manipulate the energies of aches and pains. Recognize and alter the root of physical and emotional energies surrounding traumatic events to observe the age these events occurred. 
1-Day Experiential Spiritual Healing Workshop 
When:    January 26, Saturday, 10am - 4:30pm 
Cost:        1-Full Day Workshop $125 
 Where:     Unity of Dallas, Ph: 972.233.7106, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230                                    
Personal Appointments with Mark Earlix
Sunday 1:30pm-6pm, Monday 11am-6pm, Tuesday 11am-6pm                                   
Experience your 50 minutes to 1-hour Personal Appointment with Mark to help transform the physical and emotional dilemmas in your body and life.