10am-4pm The Transformative Power of Women's Anger - Day 1

Join us for THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF WOMEN’S ANGER Two Day Weekend Experience!
Women and Anger
We all feel it, so let’s learn how to deal with it!
A Women’s Group
“Anger is a universal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. Yet it’s also the emotion that people have the most conflicted relationship with. Our families and society tend to give us many mixed messages about how to experience and express anger. And while many men are comfortable feeling and expressing anger, women are often socialized to hide their anger and even told that it’s wrong to feel anger…” L. Warren, LMSW
In this supportive group environment we will:
  • Explore the concept of anger – the emotional and physical components.
  • Examine how family, society, gender expectations, biases affect how we as women relate to and deal with anger.
  • Study the relationship between anger and self-esteem, anger and depression.
  • Explore why and how we as women deny anger.
  • Learn how to deal effectively with “negative” responses to our anger.
  • See how anger is a mask for other feelings.
  • Learn to accept and embrace your anger. Through this process you will get in touch with your inner power and authenticity.
Please join me, Betsy Keats, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, as we explore healthy ways to communicate anger and to utilize this powerful emotion for positive change for ourselves and others.
Location:  Unity of Dallas . 6525 Forest Lane . Dallas, TX 75230
Dates:  Saturday October 12    Time:  10am – 4pm  INCLUDES an "Angry Food" lunch - Enjoy nourishing food that calms the mind, heart and soul and helps to transmute anger into joy! 
            Sunday October 13    Time:   1-4pm
Fee:  $65
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  • Exploration of The Concept of Anger: What Is Anger And How Does It Function In Our Lives?
  • Benefits And Transformative Power Of Expressing Anger In Healthy Ways.
  • What Fears Do We As Women Carry Around Expressing Anger?
  • How Do We As Women Relate To And Express Anger? 
  • The Connections: Anger And Physical Issues, Anger And Depression, Anger And Self-Esteem
  • Identifying Our Individual Styles Of Anger And their roots:
a.     Societal Biases And Gender Expectations: Letting Go Of The Stigmas
b.     Early Messages From Our Parents, Other Family members, Schools, Peers
c.     Our Core Beliefs Around Anger
  • Assertiveness vs. Aggression and Passive-Aggressive Communication: How To Get Our Needs Met In Healthy Ways.
  • Utilizing Body Language In Assertive Communication
  • Learning To Say “No”. 
  • Learning And Practicing Healthy Ways Of Expressing Anger
  • Tools For Expressing Anger And Defusing Intense Anger
  • How To Utilize Anger To Facilitate Positive Change Both On A Personal Level And In The World.
About Betsy Keats: betsykeats.com
As a result of childhood trauma, I've been on a personal healing journey for most of my adult life. I've come to a place of joy and balance. There are days this just feel miraculous - I am not the woman I was at 20.
One interesting outcome of having been through these experiences is that I have hope for everyone. Every single person can express her/his authentic self, sense of expansive self-empowerment, enormous strength, and great intelligence, free of feeling she/he is not enough. 
It is a gift for me to have the opportunity work with others who may have had similar challenges with childhood trauma or with dysfunctional family situations. I have also dedicated myself to support those who have self-esteem issues that have affected their sense of self worth. Having a strong sense of self is the key that unlocks the door to having the best life possible. Everything revolves around how we feel about ourselves.
Because of my own successful healing from a very traumatic family situation and from witnessing and helping others who have healed through extraordinarily difficult experiences, I know beyond a doubt that everyone can heal. 
The depth of understanding that I bring to my work enables my clients to know they have a companion on their healing journey. That I understand what they are what they are going through because of my own personal experiences, is an important key to their successful healing. As a companion and guide, I support them in building self-esteem and self-love, the essential ingredients. As they move through the barriers to creating joy and balance, they step into in the life that they want and deserve.
I have a Masters Degree in Counseling/Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This training added greatly to understanding myself more deeply, to understanding my role as a therapist, and to develop my skills.
I am past Co-Founder/Director of Heartlines inc., a non-profit providing crisis intervention services to survivors of trauma: a hotline and an education program for health and mental health providers. I have provided individual and group counseling since 1989.
I am also a Reiki Master, Tai Chi/Qigong and EFT (tapping) Practitioner. Utilizing and offering this range of modalities provides my clients with a more complete array of approaches to help them reach their therapeutic goals.