11am Service "Back to You" with Melody Brooke

For ten years as a licensed counselor, I helped clients whose personalities were split into different parts get back to who they are at their core.  In that process, I learned so much about how our personalities form and what truly makes us who we are. 
Join me as I share the message of how to sort out who you think you are from who you truly are. 
About Melody Brooke:
Professional and Marriage and Family Counselor
You may be confused and hurting right now, but your body knows what you need. My job is to guide you to find out what that is and help you achieve it.
My approach is body mind & spirit, which means helping you become more present in your senses. Through taking the time to breathe and connect with your deeper self, you find your own healing with my guidance.
Often directive and cognitive, I'm always supportive of your needs and limits. I have been in practice for more than 25 years helping individuals and families improve their lives. Some of the words my clients use to describe me are :genuine, kind, caring, compassionate, insightful, sensitive, dependable, playful, fun, determined and creative.
I am also an "InterPlay " leader. It is a playful method for discovering your full potential and transforming you life in an atmosphere of fun and support.