1pm Self-Care for Caregivers

“Self-Care for Caregivers”: Learning to use the Connection Practice to achieve Inner Peace
Sunday, May 26th 1-4pm 
Do you feel stressed, discouraged, angry or overwhelmed? 
Do you often feel that taking care of yourself falls to the bottom (or even off) of your “to do” list? 
Are you confused about how to break out of this cycle? 
Would you like to learn a simple, efficient practice that will help you:
Find release from worry, anger, anxiety and depression
Align your heart and brain for greater calm and deep insights
Move into action with confidence
Manage and resolve both internal and external conflicts in a positive and healthy way that is beneficial for all
In this workshop we will focus on learning to use the Connection Practice to truly take care of ourselves first so that we may care for others with greater peace and compassion.  The Connection Practice is a skill that combines a conscious connection to your feelings and needs (self-empathy) with the attainment of coherence between your heart and brain for greater clarity and insights.  This powerful combination is easy to learn and simple to use for resolving inner conflicts efficiently and creating deep self-confidence and peace.
Come join us for some self-care.
Suggested Love Offering: $40 
Your instructors
   Leigh Files        
   Connection Practice Master Trainer 
   Danielle Ranson
   Connection Practice Trainer