2:30pm "Smarter Selling from the Inside Out" with Steve Sisgold

Boosting Your Income by Engaging & Connecting with Yourself, and Potential Clients, at the Highest Level.
This highly interactive workshop will help you have the awareness and skills to move through challenging situations that arise, as quickly and easefully as you can.
You will learn how to boost your revenue by engaging & connecting with yourself, and potential clients, at the highest level and master the art of selling in today’s busy, fast-moving world by using all of your intelligences,; IQ, EQ, And BQ
Steve will also help you discover and release limiting beliefs that could be holding you back in a part of your personal or business life.
The approach throughout this course accesses your Whole Self; Your mental intelligence (IQ), Your emotional intelligence ( EQ) and Your body intelligence, ( BQ)
Steve will show you how to use those inner intelligences to navigate and produce more success. 
He will also teach you how to stay organized in your sales presentation, no matter where the customer tries to take you.
You will learn a proven step by step protocol to practice and follow, to lead your customer through, from the interview phase, all the way to the close.
You will also learn to read and listen to your customer better, while staying aware of your own body language and signals you might be sending, that can make or break the sale.
Modules of the Course
Module one- Introduction and explanation of why, and how the smarter selling from the inside out approach, works.
Module two- What are your feelings and beliefs about selling?
Module three- 4 key questions that help you embody and express the value of your offerings.
Module four- The sales success thief: viral or limited beliefs that rob you blind.
Module five- Your body billboard-bringing your whole best self from head to toe, into the sales process
Module six- Getting present and centered, before any sales meeting or campaign. (includes the 7 step “rebooting you” technique.)
Module seven- Don’t caught off guard -how to do your research like any seasoned reporter, does before an interview.
Module eight- How to stay tuned to your customer’s emotions and buying signals.
Module nine- 6 questions to help you discover the information needed, in any sales situation.
Module ten- The smarter selling 4 step format- how to stay on track and in control…no matter what!
Module eleven- Practice and preparation makes perfect! 
Creating your 60 second commercial, prospect list, and your 4 step sales chart.
Module twelve- Steve’s closing inspirational message