2pm Vision Board Workshop

Whether you call it a dream board, treasure map, a vision board, or an inspiration board – the magic is the same. When you bring together images with intention and intuition, you invite in the power of your dreams! Create a Vision Board that will engage you for 2019 and help you visualize what's next for your any aspect of your life or business. Achieve those big, audacious goals and reach for the highest levels you never thought possible.
When you set intentions for your life, you create space for the Universe to work with you towards your desires. You create your reality. By creating space to craft your 2019 intentions you will feel excited, empowered, and aligned.
We'll provide: poster boards and other media to build your board on, glue, magazines, colorful markers, light refreshments (tea, water and a few snacks)
What to Bring: scissors, 1-2 magazines to share,pictures that inspire you, including pictures of yourself and loved ones, a list of goals for 2019