3:30pm Whole Body Intelligence Day for Women with Amanda Snow

Release Limiting Beliefs & Explore Your Creative Potential


Identify and change limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back.


Learn to communicate authentically with your whole self and others in a whole body way using IQ, EQ, and BQ.


Explore common issues women are challenged by today.


Present your passions, inspirations, and any fears that might be in the way with other committed women.


Realign with your purpose and ignite creativity with movement and ritual.

Amanda Snow is the founder of Relax and Be Free, a popular therapeutic life-style company. Amanda specializes in re-setting the nervous system through cranio-sacral therapy, energy medicine, and sound therapy. 
Amanda’s approach to helping women is multi-faceted, helping them release restrictions within body and mind so that they can live their higher purpose. 
“​Practicing what I learned at Amanda’s Whole Body Intelligence Workshop is teaching me that breathing, meditation and yoga can eliminate stress and harness my energy.  And what’s special is that WBI can improve your life at any age. I’m 70.”​
“Attending WBI for Women was an empowering experience. I loved the camaraderie of the women and how Amanda seamlessly blended movement, breath work, and goal setting into one transformational journey ” 
– Karyn Holland, www.beonewith.com 
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