3pm "The Heart of Creativity" Workshop with Bruce Cryer

Dawn of the Renaissance Human
Every human being has the ability to create life, and each moment we’re alive new cells, let alone new thoughts and feelings, are being created inside us. What could be more creative than that!
Yet many of us had our creative urges discouraged or torn down, whether in the family, at school, or at work. So the very creative energy we need to create the life we are meant to live was never allowed to flourish.
Bruce Cryer is on a mission to change that!
Bruce has been called a “renaissance man”: One of the founding team of HeartMath and its CEO for 11 years, Broadway singer/actor/dancer, author, mentor, photographer, Stanford adjunct professor, cancer, staph infection and double hip replacement survivor…. Bruce Cryer’s diverse life brings an uncommon depth of experience and wisdom to this engaging, lively and highly experiential workshop exploring the heart of creativity. 
Bruce has been on a path of the heart and love for most of his adult life. His time in musical theater and television in New York was exhilarating and rich, but he knew there was so much more life had to offer. Moving to California in the late 1970s he began exploring himself deeply through various spiritual traditions and practices. Joining the original team at HeartMath accelerated his growth personally and helped me realize his dream of making a deeper impact on a world in need.  
After a two-year healing journey resolved in 2011, he set out to reinvent himself, following his heart ever more deeply back into his creative roots as a singer, dancer, and artist while working with visionary leaders and organizations dedicated to serving humanity. 
Now recognized as one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders in Personal Excellence, Bruce delights individuals and audiences with his down-to-earth, seasoned understandings of life. His workshop on Creativity for Personal Well-Being is now taught at Stanford. His album of original music will be launched in New York City in May. 
If you come to Bruce’s delightful and deep workshop, we guarantee it will be memorable. Meditation, music, dance and creative expression will all be involved! 
Even a live song or two from Bruce’s new album of original songs, Renaissance Human.