6:30pm Moondance - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Moving Meditation

Full Moon in Capricorn
Partial Lunar Eclipse: Earth Element (Root Chakra)
Moon Musings: The energetic side effects of a full moon have long been noticed. Perhaps you have experienced that people being more stressed, situations more difficult and circumstances more chaotic around the time of a full moon. This is especially true for those of us who are highly sensitive, or empathic.
A full moon tends to bring concentrated and intensified thoughts from our sub-conscious, these can manifest as a flurry of creativity and inspiration, or drudge up unresolved emotional energies that translates as having a few days of intense emotion and thought.
This July brings the Full Moon in Capricorn. Even more magical: it’s a partial lunar eclipse!
An eclipse is a high-vibe lunation that helps illuminate our soul’s path, and these cosmic events can be a bit intense.
For this reason, it is essential that we get centered and hone our skills to stay grounded.
Being grounded is a vital skill for empaths and highly sensitive people who pick up emotions from the people and environment around them. Being grounded means you're present in your body and connected with Mother Earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on around you.
This July 16th, join us for this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Moving Meditation designed to help you feel more grounded, centered and balanced through all phases of daily life.
We’ll use breath, movement, sound, and creativity to root deeply into our core in a powerful and transformative guided journey. You’ll emerge grounded and centered, harnessing the powerful and productive Capricorn energies to bring your highest good into manifestation.
Energy Exchange: In order to create a sacred container for exploration, our workshop size is intentionally limited to a small number. So that we may prepare space and materials for all, online preregistration is encouraged and appreciated.
Suggested Love Offering: $22
Share the Love & bring a friend: $33
Please Note: Doors open at 6:30 for a 7pm start, after which the doors will be closed.
All supplies are provided. No experience or training with the chakra system, yoga, or meditation necessary. This workshop is suitable and safe for all body types and fitness levels. Please bring a water bottle and dress in clothes that allow free movement.
About Moving Meditation & Sacred Dance: Throughout the ages, dance has been intimately connected with spiritual practice and worship. Think of whirling dervishes, aboriginal trance dances, Shiva keeping the world in balance with his cosmic dance, and the spirituals that get churchgoers out of their seats and singing and quaking with Spirit.
Dance liberates us from our thinking minds as we fully inhabit our bodies, while simultaneously cultivating what the Greeks called ekstasis, a “stepping outside” of ourselves and our everyday lives. In this way, we see dance as a moving meditation.
In this practice, we close our eyes or lower our gaze, and turn our focus inward. We allow the vibration and music to inspire our movements, which may be a gentle sway, or a primal dance. Throughout the experience, we are lead through a guided visualization, moving us beyond the chatter of the mind, taking us deeper into our inner knowing.
We ground each moving meditation with a creative exercise of journaling and/or drawing, to integrate the experience more deeply and you’ll take home this one of a kind, original keepsake as a powerful reminder of our journey.