7pm Good Friday Communion Service

Join us in celebration at our “Good Friday Communion Service”!
Sponsored by the Chaplains
“All in Awe: How We Celebrate the Crucifixion”
Special Musical Artists!
April 19th Good Friday - Ken Curtis, Carla Edwards and Bob Goodwin
Ken Curtis is an award-winning musician, playing both classical and jazz saxophone. He began attending Unity of Dallas in the summer of 2016 and became a formal member the following year. In addition to volunteering in the office at the reception desk and singing in Voices of Unity Choir, he’s an accomplished writer and avid student of A Course In Miracles. His passion for style and fashion led to a 30-year career in advertising, most notably as Style Director for JCPenney. He has styled many noted celebrities and fashion influencers and is currently an image and style consultant for personal clients.
Carla Edwards has been a Member of Unity of Dallas since 1984. She and her husband, Robert, were married in 1989 by John Webster. Both of her children, Christopher and Erika, has the privilege of growing up in Unity. Carla grew up in Billings Montana earning her Degree from the University of Montana for Vocal Performance and Minored in Cello Performance. She presently sings with the Dallas Symphony Chorus who recently went on tour of Scandinavia this past June. She has performed with the Dallas Opera as well as the Lyric Stage Theatre.
Bob Goodwin has had the great pleasure and a most interesting journey to work with and/or accompany just about every one of the various choirs, ensembles, soloists and directors who have appeared at UCD since 1987. The range of music is a joy to present and it's just plain fun to be a part of the Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’ Band.
Having established (however unintentional) a church home, he's deeply grateful for every minute of all these years and “fairly sizzle” with anticipation of all that which is yet to come.
Location: Fellowship Hall