7pm "Hope and Healing After the Storm" with Ann Sattar

Time Heals All Wounds & Other Myths About Grief
Have you or someone you know experienced an emotional loss or life change?
It's a fact--we all have losses from time to time and feel bad. It's normal and natural.
So why do we get stuck?
The reason lies in misunderstandings, myths, misinformation and help that is not natural or normal.
Key Takeaways
  • Understand grief and why we grieve
  • Examine common myths about grief & loss
  • Gain insight into energy relieving behaviors when our
  • emotions are left unattended
  • What you can do about it

Presented by Ann Sattar, Speaker, Trainer, Coach:

Ann helps people live better lives by helping them resolve and heal what is in the past so they can live passionately in the present.  In 2013 Ann lost her husband and best friend within 6 months of one another.  Both of them died very suddenly and unexpectedly and she was devastated.  Two months later she lost another close friend and felt like everyone around her was dying. 
As Ann’s world appeared to be unraveling around her she felt lost and broken. She found Grief Recovery and began a true healing journey.  What she realized through Grief Recovery was that she was not broken, but that she had a broken heart.  The Grief Recovery Method had such an impact in her life she became a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and now helps others heal from their emotional loss.