7pm Introduction to the Chakras

Extending from the base of the spine to the top of the head, radiating out above, around and below your body, these spinning vortexes receive, integrate, and express your energy.
Discover this network of personal energy centers that form a vertical column in your body, and learn how they can offer a powerful system for healing and awakening to personal growth. The chakras help us to focus on goals clearly and, by learning to recognize the patterns of our world, we can reach a place of clarity and deep wisdom.
During this fun and enlightening workshop you'll:
  • Learn simple breathing and visualization techniques for checking in and balancing your chakras
  • Experience a guided meditation to introduce and connect you with your own energy system
  • Take home practical tools for working with your body and it's natural healing processes
Simply developing awareness of and sensitivity to the energy body can take our experience of life to a whole new level and ultimately enhance feelings of balanced health and wellbeing.
Suggested Love Offering: $12