7pm "Meditation and Me" with Lynne Patterson

"Meditation and Me" with Lynne Patterson ~ 7pm First Wednesday of each month 
New Monthly Class!!! Meditation and Me. Meditation is a supportive, calming, and energizing practice. Meditation reduces stress, improves the mind-body connection, and enhances your relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Meditation and Me is a place to practice and ask questions. No experience needed. Come as you are. If you can breathe, you can meditate.
The concept of Chakras originates with Eastern spirituality traditions. These spinning energy centers are part of the energetic or subtle body and when they spin too slowly or too quickly, imbalances occur. Meditation and Me begins a two-part series on the Chakras. In May, the lower Chakras are examined and in June the upper Chakras are examined. Join us for two months of meditation on the Chakras.
No meditation experience needed.
Come as you are for one hour of relaxation and stress relief.
Meditation is training the mind to focus and to concentrate. We keep our chattering monkey-mind at bay by having a single point of focus which prevents our mind from wandering. The wandering mind is the monkey’s playground as he pulls you into remembering the past and planning the future. His job is to keep your mind buzzing with random thoughts designed to pull you out of the now. When we realize we have been hijacked by the monkey, we thank the monkey for his contribution and return without judgment to our point of concentration. The mediation process has three steps:  focus – lose it – come back.
We meditate while sitting in chairs. Feel free to bring your meditation pillow, blankets, or bench as sitting on the floor is always an option.
If you can breathe, you can meditate! Monkeys always welcomed! 
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Contact: Lynne Patterson, lynne.meditates@gmail.com. Text: 972-890-1031