7pm Movement, Meditation, Mandala: Journey through the Chakras Series

Movement, Meditation, Mandala: Journey through the Chakras Series
7pm Fridays in February and March 
These workshops are for you if:
★ You’re ready for a systematic overhaul of your life
★ You want to dive deep into the workings of your own mind, body, and soul
★ You want to gain access to your inner knowing and wisdom
★ You want powerful tools you can use to transform your daily life
★ You want to serve others by bringing chakra wisdom to your work
Beyond that, you will deepen your understanding and personal practice of stress-reduction and mindfulness by exploring simple breathing and meditation techniques in a fun and interactive workshop. The effective and natural exercises will have you radiating with a sense of well-being in every area of your life.
Each workshop includes:
★ chakra-based meditation practice
★ energy exercises to move energy that may be slow or blocked
★ simple breathing techniques for activating the chakras
★ guided imagery journeys to your own inner realms
★ healing music and sound
★ creative exercises for grounding and centering
Join us for one workshop, or the entire series. In every gathering, we will use breath, movement, and creativity to relieve stress and strengthen our spiritual connection. Together, we will take a healing journey, refreshing and renewing for your whole being. 
So that we may prepare space and materials for all, online pre-registration is required. Learn more and reserve your space: luna-grace.eventbrite.com   
Feb 1: Balance –  Explore and awaken each of your seven major chakras and discover where your energy is flowing and also where you have blockages. It will open you up to insights about your life, and bring balance and health to your whole system.    
Feb 8: Belonging – feel grounded and safe, worry less and love more – day to day. 
Feb 15: Creativity – learn to tap into and create greater energy, compassion, inspiration, emotional stability and a zest for life.
Feb 22: Vitality – boost your immune system, metabolism, and self-esteem – find within energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and assertive, authentic power.
Mar 1: Love – open and flowing, you experience connection at a deep level to all beings in your life and in our world.
Mar 8: Truth – alive and empowered, you'll have the confidence and faith to communicate your ideas, your needs, and your truth.
Mar 15: Intuition – experience a deep sense of connection to your inner voice, your soul's path, and feel guided in your choices. 
Mar 22: Connection – connected with Higher Power, to a timeless place of unlimited wisdom and knowledge, you'll discover knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.
Mar 29: Wholeness-  Integrate all the facets of who you are, gain clarity and insight, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. As your outer world shifts into alignment with your inner world, be open to discovering your true path and purpose.  
This program is perfect for those who have trouble with meditation because, like so many, they can't quiet their mind or don't even have time to sit still.
Suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. No yoga, meditation, or other training is necessary – all you need is an open mind and willing heart.
So that we may prepare space and materials for all, online pre-registration is required.
Learn more and reserve your space: luna-grace.eventbrite.com