7pm Sacred Rhythms Drum Circle with Ryan Taylor

The drum is a tool for traveling to other realms and making the empowerment come to reality. Learn Spiritual-infused rituals that you can do with drumming that can result in bringing dynamic transformation, calmness, grounding and inner peace into your life.
We will also be sharing sacred healing rhythms and rhythmic energy to open the door of change and positivity. Along with the vibrations and intention, we can tear down the wall, removing obstacles that no longer serve us, opening us to our greatness!!!!
We suggest a $10-$20 empowering love donation so that we can continue to bring you more highly interactive drum events.
Bring your own drum or borrow one on hand.
We start at 7pm. From 7-7:20 drum class then we begin the drumming that will fire up your senses! Please come drum with us, make noise and move mountains!
Event Facilitator:  Ryan Taylor
Room Location:  Fellowship Hall