7pm The Sacred Sound of Ohm

? Did you know . . .
When we have two new moons in one month, that the 2nd one is called a BLACK MOON, and it’s known as a powerful time for New Beginnings?
This July 31st, let’s come together and “ohm” in the name of peace. A dynamic, abiding peace that surpasses understanding begins within, touches all around us, & radiates as a prayer for our global community.
Not only does the sound of your own uniquely, authentic “ohm” help stimulate the vagus nerve and increase mood, it also has the power to help move one into the deeper experience of the sacred sound current, the sea of sound and vibration that permeates and connects - EVERYTHING.
Join us for a different take on “Creative Expression”
- Unmask the collective power of the Authentic Voice
- Immerse yourself in a soothing Sound Bath
- Experience deep connection within Silence.
And explore how Sound + Intention(Divine Will) can result in a more perfect harmony in our lives.
Love Offering
About the Facilitator:
Genie Johnson is The Sound Masseuse, a Science-based Mindfulness Facilitator specializing in Sacred Sound for over 10 years. She builds upon extensive training in Sound Healing and Spiritual Coaching, plus an insatiable passion for understanding the science of how sound impacts the body, to guide you in this unique form of sound meditation.
More information at www.SoundMasseuse.com