9am-1pm 2nd Annual Emergent Leader Fundraiser

What is an Emergent Leader?

An Emergent Leader is someone who has taken the responsibility of developing both their soft and hard skills. This is a person who takes on tasks voluntarily, handles conflict among peers, and encourages others to grow both personally and professionally.
Why do you want to be an Emergent Leader?
Emergent Leaders are the individuals, companies are looking to hire and promote!! The skills Emergent Leaders display are also the ones required to be a successful entrepreneur. These are individuals who know how to work through adversity!
Why attend our Emergent Leader Fundraiser?
- Advance your career to the next level
- Kickstart your career path
- Learn the mindset to start your own business
- Grow your current business
- Understand "Your Voice Matters"
- Be inspired to grow through adversity

Our Emergent Leader lineup features:

   Kathryn Childers, Esteemed US Presidential Secret Service Agent
   Elizabeth McCormick, Decorated US Army Black Hawk Pilot
   Freda Powell, First African American Amarillo City Councilwoman
Each of these women took a unique leadership journey to discover their inner voice. They overcame their fears and not only found their voice, but now yell from the mountaintops each day to help others.
Buy your ticket now to realize that "Your Voice Matters" and learn how to use it to influence and inspire others.
**************** VIP TICKETHOLDERS EXCLUSIVE ****************
Get the privilege of interacting with and soaking up the knowledge from one of these speakers in a small-group breakout session. These are highly-sought-after speakers with simple, immediately implementable tips that they are ready to impart on you. Do NOT miss this opportunity because you didn't purchase a VIP ticket! The breakout sessions will be 30 minutes long and you must choose only ONE when you register. The topics are as follows:
How to Lead You, Even If It Scares You - Kathryn Childers
Kathryn Childers’ decision to just “do it scared” led to her an appointment as one of the first five female Special Agents in the US Secret Service. After smashing that glass ceiling, she protected the President, foreign heads of state, and many more dignitaries. A master of reinvention, Kathryn went on to become a broadcast journalist, award-winning community advocate, author and publisher, as well as wife and mother. Kathryn will show you a simple, yet effective process to identify and "own" your personal “scared” … the first step to courage and the rejuvenation of a passionate life of leadership for yourself.
Leading Yourself and Your Team Through Conflict and Over Roadblocks - Elizabeth McCormick
Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the leadership development secrets for success with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot while inspiring you to soar to success!
You will leave this session knowing how to:
1. Unlock the key to boosting your confidence as a leader, elevating your effectiveness with clients and co-workers...even family
2. Use the power of your language to position yourself as a leader and positively impact those around you
3. Increase your resilience in the face of difficult circumstances, allowing yourself to impact the culture of your workplace and be seen as a reliable leader
Identify Your Leadership Style & Work as a Team With Others Who Have Different Styles - Freda Powell
No matter where you are on your career path, you will have a leadership role at some point. The great thing about leadership is that there is no single style that suits everyone. However, in order to be an effective leader, you need to know your leadership style and marry it with the goals you and your team are trying to achieve. This session will first help you to figure out what type of leader you are and second show you how to work with those that fall into different leadership categories than yourself. You will leave this session armed with an understanding of the different approaches and styles to leadership, and the tools to allow you to adjust your own style to achieve maximum effectiveness in any situation.
**************** VIP TICKETHOLDERS EXCLUSIVE ****************
What YOU Will Learn at the Emergent Leader Fundraiser:
- Unequivocally believe "Your Voice Matters"
- The mental and physical tools needed to use your voice to propel both yourself and others to new heights
- How to utilize those tools in your professional career and personal life
Your Funds Benefit Two Organizations:
The Outlook Positive Express Network of ABWA Helping:
- Develop women leaders
- Shorten the leadership gap for women in companies
- Spread the belief "Your Voice Matters"
- Empower women to step up as leaders
- Cultivate transferable leadership skills
Outlook Positive Express Network Sponsors Rebecca Dollinger as an Approved Candidate for National Secretary/Treasurer
You Will Help Rebecca Dollinger and Her Team:
- Travel over 10,000 miles to empower women to step up as leaders in their own lives
- Gain valuable skills such as becoming better speakers, learning project management skills, developing team building skills, sharpening communication skills and so much more
- Hone leadership skills to transfer into their careers, helping to shorten the leadership gap for women
Soroptimist International of Dallas Helping:
- Give women a voice through awareness, advocacy, and action
- Improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic development
- Provide women and girls with the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams
Hurry and register today in order to guarantee your VIP ticket and all the perks that go along with it. We will see you July 20th!

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