9am-5pm Levels of Energy Workshop with Fred Dodson

A Once-in-A-Lifetime Experience with 
Frederick Dodson
July 26-27-28, 2019 in Dallas, Texas 
Levels of Energy
Live Course
The new Levels of Energy Course is made for you to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. 
The first day of the course is dedicated to releasing lower emotions, habits, mental-loops, and stuckness. This is accomplished with a unique set of body-movements, meditations, and interactive games. 
The second day focuses on experiencing higher energy levels and authentically accessing states of enthusiasm, joy, love, peace, and bliss. Through a set of question-and-meditation techniques you learn how to enter and (especially) maintain a wholesome, tuned-in, turned-on, high-awareness state not only during the Course, but long thereafter. 
Day three is for integrating and deepening the lessons learned in the first two days, providing additional unique ways of being the highest-version that you can be in the most smooth and efficient way possible. 
Throughout decades of conducting this course, it has developed into a masterpiece in human potential that you don’t want to miss if ability, success, health, and abundance are important to you. 
This is the only Course Frederick Dodson is conducting this year and perhaps the last time “Levels of Energy” is given in public. 
Participation is only $999 for first time Frederick Dodson event attendees. 

About Frederick Dodson:

I am Frederick Dodson, author of 25 books in 7 Languages, success coach, consciousness researcher and international speaker. In my free time I am a husband, a tennis-player, gardener, windsurfer, a pilot and I run a small B&B. I was born in the USA but have lived in many different countries. As a success coach I help individuals and companies in performance, awareness and ascension to higher states of consciousness. I believe there are many versions of “you” and that you can access higher-versions of yourself by which you attract different experiences into your life. I call this process Reality Creation. I have been teaching and coaching since 1992.
For those who are new to my materials, I recommend you start with the books “Parallel Universes of Self” and “Levels of Energy”. Then perhaps sign up to my Membership Site containing hundreds of audios and videos to deepen the lessons of those books and enjoy a way-above-average level of understanding, strength and well-being. Then I’d recommend you visit one of my live-courses – over the years, people have come to know these courses as playful, fun and speedily effective catalysts of improvement in all areas of life.