9am Service with James Buchanan

"How old are you?"  Trust me, this is a trick question. The answer is Infinity!  As spiritual beings and students of Unity, we learn to live from the inside-out, therefore I wouldn't dare ask you what your biological age is because. It's irrelevant!   
So the question becomes, how old do you feel?  
We may celebrate a number on our birthday while media, friends and even (yikes!) family, try to convince us we are either too old or too young for this or that based on long-held beliefs. 
On the other hand, have you ever noticed someone, regardless of age, flow through life with enthusiasm, express youthful tendencies, embody vibrancy, and remain open-minded for continual growth?
On Sunday, I'll share with you an action-packed talk on 
1) what creates these age disparities in our minds, 
2) why it's an illusion to believe that biological age dictates mental and physical vitality, 
3) shifting mindsets and habits to youthfully evolve mentally, physically and spiritually to live a life of longevity, and truly defy the clock.