9am Service "Living Through the Heart" with Don Drake

Living Through the Heart is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven within you and to your own personal power.  If you desire a more fulfilling and inspired life, come learn how to access the amazing and miraculous power of the human heart -- the seat of the Divine within us.
Don Drake returns to follow up on “The Yoga of Jesus” to explore Living Through the Heart as the instrument of Knowing based on real-life experiences in his journey. He will relate what it means to “Live Through the Heart” and offer practical guidance on how you can heal and change your inner and outer worlds by living through your own heart.
Don is also offering powerful individual transformational energy healing sessions at Unity on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.  Sessions are approximately one hour long at special pricing for this week and are conducted one on one. 
Debby Thomas has the sign-up schedule. (214) 773 6970 
Sessions are available from 9:00AM through 5:00PM each day; cash checks and credit cards accepted.  For more information on Don and his healing work, please visit www.RadiatingHeart.comdon@raditatingheart.com