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Stop and think of a moment where you enjoyed a view from a summit. I remember times above the clouds breathing in views so beautiful and awe- inspiring that I wondered if what I was seeing was real. I experienced the mystical – and all at once, my life was changed. I wanted to freeze that moment in time and never leave! 

When you reflect on spiritual awakenings like that, do you feel a rush of excitement or perhaps a moment of peace? Yes! Breathe it in! More of that, please. 

In numerous biblical accounts, God is revealed to a blessed someone on a summit somewhere. But nary a whisper as to the route or journey they took in their ascent. In fact, in Exodus it says God summoned Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and Moses simply “went up.” Way to go Moses! How simple. To me, I want to know more details about that particular trail up Mount Sinai and his continual growth he must have endured to spiritually get to the top. Doubt it was that simple, but clearly it resulted in him knowing the Divine like never before. The same is true metaphysically in our own ascents.  

Interestingly though, we rarely ponder or remember the moments when we lost our breath due to the level of difficulty or even the pain it took to make various personal ascents in life. In retrospect, we seemingly just “went up”.  

We are also aware of the saying, “It’s not the destination but the journey that matters most.” Well, easy for them to say! During those most difficult climbs, I still bear the gnarly scars. However, the mind, body, and soul growth experienced, is what matters most even if the scars, challenges and details themselves begin to fade from memory. I prefer to use spiritual keys while making the right steps NOW to avoid making the same mistakes and slipping off the side.   

In present day, it seems collectively we are the middle of some wild traversing up a big hill. You may say, “What hill? More like a sheer cliff!” 

I have learned a valuable key: Just because you’re feeling uncomfortable on the ascent, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong. You may be right on track and ultimately very proud of every step you took, and revel in the discipline demonstrated to succeed.  

Try and enjoy each step of the way. The view at the top, above the clouds is gorgeous and worth it.  

 Rev. James Buchanan