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Are you a puzzle aficionado? 

Or just a puzzle yourself? 

Maybe a puzzle within a puzzle? 

At different points of life, the puzzle seems mystifying and at other times we can clearly see pieces that look like joy, understanding, peace, perfect relationships, health, wealth and more.  

Life is a metaphysical puzzle – even if you wake up some days and wonder if some pieces went missing! Don’t worry, they aren’t lost. In fact, nothing is lost in Spirit! We spend so much of our life looking for the right pieces or moving pieces around, struggling to make them all fit. At other times they effortlessly fall into place.  

Through the one presence and one power active in our life, God the good, that perfect piece that seems missing was available to us the whole time. Our job is to make that discovery because it completes the puzzle which is perfectly you. This is true no matter what others think of your puzzle. “Made in the image of the divine” means we contain all the perfect pieces for a perfect work of art! Aren’t we blessed to have had the Fillmores begin the Unity movement which helps us recognize the pieces that matter most? 

Identifying those perfect pieces allows us to experience our own perfect expansion of consciousness. Collectively, we each come together to make a synergistic whole of life and the beautiful puzzle that is Unity of Dallas! 

 Rev. James Buchanan