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Cowboys used to always point their chuckwagon lounge towards the North Star so when they pulled out in the early morning, they were still headed in the right direction. Bet you didn’t know that! Chuckwagon or no, when navigating your trail of life, do you have a North Star to keep you heading in the right direction? We all should!  

Navigating the trails and wide-open plains wasn’t quite as easy as pointing their wagons every evening to the North Star, but it at least gave them true bearings to push onward towards their goals. If you are like me, it’s not always quite that easy in finding true north and the right direction.  

Gratefully, we all have our own spiritual compass to rely on to help us reach our destination and meet our goals – especially during the most daunting adventures which are prevalent in the world. Unfortunately, many are somewhat aimless in their wandering – losing sight of what matters most and lack an action plan to course correct.  

The cosmos were often used to point the way even in biblical times. Our co-founders, the Fillmores, considered cosmology as a branch of metaphysics when discovering our own true nature of the inner cosmos. Long before Charles and Myrtle was Heraclitus, who was a Greek philosopher that predated Socrates. He is remembered for his cosmology in which fire forms the basic material principle of an orderly universe.    

Throughout history, we have searched for meaning in a universe which we are infinitely connected with. We can each discern our own individual North Star as a perfect place to explore the inner adventures on the trail to our own future.   

Rev. James Buchanan