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This is a mantra I’ve found myself repeating this week: “Peace within me, peace all around me.” 

I added it to my practice of the Golden Key. Together it is a powerful combination of being a center of harmony. I know that you want to be the center of harmony. Though I honestly can’t say I experience peace every second of every day (not yet), I realize the powerful teachings of Unity are just the recipe required for bringing in more moments of harmony in life. If anxious about a future outcome, it feels like a balm of healing and harmony to affirm and then act from peace in the face of any potential disharmony. 

Here are a few lines in a poem by former Texan resident Margo Ford: “Anxiety keeps on mounting, And we fear what might yet come to be. The dreadful outcomes we imagine, Don’t ever seem to let us free.” 

Isn’t that the truth? Freedom involves attracting peace into our lives daily. Let’s do our part to attract more love and peace into a world that has been waiting for this divine gift. There is no doubt–Peace does attract peace!  

 Rev. James Buchanan