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What is in a number anyway?

My spiritual number that shows up during interesting and synchronistic times is 33.  

How about you?  

Ok, now stay with me for some numbers.   

Wholeness: beginning, middle and an end. The presence of 3. Or put in another way, the past, the present and the future. There again we have 3 components often associated with one another.   

I was blessed to have an experience with a gentleman who was in his 80’s and suffering from dementia. I could see him struggling to find his words. He knew what he wanted to say, but he just couldn’t get them out of his mouth.   

His daughter had recorded replays of football games on the Longhorn Network which were played in the 80’s. This is especially fascinating considering he was a former head coach for the Longhorns. When popping in one of these VCR tapes, he snapped into a body language as if he was standing on the sidelines of the OU vs Texas game. He was calling the plays before they were happening. He knew all the players first, middle and last names. Even knew where he recruited them from. He knew the successes and failures of every play. To a “T”. His memory was crystal clear, his words had no hesitation leaving his tongue as before.    

This taught me something about the past: The past can be our impediment or we can use our past for growth right here, right now. His daughter used her father’s past to promote growth for today.    I daily affirm Divine Order for all with Proverbs 3:5 on my heart…"Trust in the Lord (3) with all your heart, and do not rely on your own (6) insight."  

“6” is limited. “3” is unlimited.   

Rev. James Buchanan