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I've always appreciated the phrase, “Love Always Wins”. Of course, I also say to be careful using exclusive words like "always, never, all or none". But “Love Always Wins” must be an exception to that logic because I can't think of one challenge which love couldn't overcome and triumph over. I can't think of any crisis that love couldn't transcend and expel. The founders of Unity must have thought this when creating and discussing the 12 Powers. Activating the power of love within each one of us during such a challenge can be…a challenge within itself! 

You may think, "What? You expect me to activate love at a time like this?" 

Love is a way of life, it's our destination. Words attributed to our way-shower and master teacher Jesus commanded us to love each other as ourselves (not instead of ourselves). Also in the gospels were the greatest commandments to love God and to love each other. Just reading and affirming these commandments out loud and then quietly while turning inward can give us a sense of liberation.  

In another tradition, the Buddha described this type of liberation as Nibbana. Nibbana is the transcendent experience of liberation and is present beyond the clouds of our delusion. When it comes to love, there have been times I too have been blinded by these same clouds which didn’t represent the deeper truth of a particular situation. Our spiritual practice assists us to return to our mindfulness practice and Unity teachings. Let us not forget that the sun is always present even if the clouds are thick and concealing the light. When the clouds part, this clarity prevails: Love is always present for all of us because God is love. Divine love is available in an inexhaustible supply and can untangle anything messy. It's easy to forget, isn't it? 

Even if you have no particular difficulty in your life, remembering to love bigger will only expand your consciousness helping you achieve greater heights. 

Let's join together to reveal the light we are–even if it sometimes seems a bit concealed. Let's experience the freedom that comes when we remember we are surrounded by the love of God! We deserve it! 

Rev. James Buchanan