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Much time is spent in religion on the savior aspects within Christian ministry. 

We at Unity differ in our understanding with some fundamental theology but overall, the more I study the words and actions attributed to the master teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, the more intrigued I am with his ability to go against the grain with change with his Divine nature and his words and actions. 

These teachings can be applied to today’s world and maybe even ultimately save it. So far in humanity, many of us have generally just allowed the processes of life to evolve with the continual banging away of how we do things in our society, rather than taking a more active role in changing the processes like he did.  

We know studying Unity that change (towards peace or other Divine ideas) begins with me. We may still get things wrong in how results emerge, but it has to be better than assuming everything will somehow work beautifully when really our results aren’t so much. What is our role in partnership with the Divine Order of things? 

So much of what Jesus taught may seem basic in today’s world. 

So basic that it gets ignored such as “Love thy neighbor”. It’s a basic concept, yet difficult in application. Can we master the basics while balancing and pushing our comfort zone to evolve our awareness? We ignore the basics, not because they’re hidden, but because they’re so obvious. We don’t think about how to drink our coffee, put on our shoes, drive a car, compose an email or complete routine tasks (okay, some of you think a lot about your coffee!) Thoughtlessness saves effort but inhibits improvement. 

Each of us can effect positive change no matter the uphill climb we may be facing individually.  

Rev. James Buchanan