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Do you remember when you were little, or perhaps it could be yesterday (not judging here) when you played with an Etch-a-Sketch?
Remember the crazy looking red box with the gray screen and two white knobs at the bottom?
With just the turn of your hand, you suddenly had the power to create your own universe inside the bright red picture frame. You could make straight lines and squiggles, weird dots, and aliens, perhaps even trees or a mini Monet… but the fascination wasn’t in the picture you were creating, it was actually in the ability to make it all disappear instantaneously. Now THAT was power!
Well, what if we had the ability to do the same thing in real life? I mean, like shake things up so much that we force them to change.
Let’s try this analogy:
We have the knobs, they are called choices. We also have the gray screen, it’s called the universe (taken down to the micro level, it’s also known as planet earth). And the red frame, well that is merely an illusion of the lives that we live, or more importantly, trap ourselves in (aka “the box”).
Now let’s take our power back:
I dare you to shake it up. Just give it a go, do something that forces your hand to make a decision, one that has the ability to change your situation. (and if it helps to get an Etch-a-Sketch and draw out your current situation, then do it) But once you finish your current Kandinsky, SHAKE IT ALL AWAY! And see how you feel. Make the decision to do something different. Your power to choose a new path is THAT POWERFUL.
I bet you’ll be surprised at the results… And if anything, you might laugh a bit, which is always good for the soul.
(okay, now it’s MY turn!) :D
Author: Tyler Bel Buchanan
Image Credit: Disney Pixar Entertainment