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Someone said to me that their business was way down, their family was infighting over the many trigger issues of today and along with that, he was just plum mad at the Government. I always wondered what plum mad means. Is that more mad than say, basic apple mad or fruity banana mad? Not to make light of a feeling many of have had in a time where one could argue that there is no shortage of seeming madness. So I asked him what his strategy was. After a pause he just said, "I hope it all passes.” 

Since he is my friend and we could play around with this a little I said, “Hope is not a strategy!”  

He said, "You’re right!" 

We need good solid plans and best practices. Let's do more than just wish for things to be different.  

In Unity, HOPE is much more than just naive finger crossing. Nor is hope for the lazy or complacent.  

There is much doom and gloom discussion in the ethers and even those that are saying publicly that Armageddon is upon us. They say they Hope it doesn’t happen, but are not convinced.  

The other side of Armageddon consciousness is being steeped in the truth of HOPE. Hope is the paradoxical POSSIBILITY which exists because God exists. We can acknowledge the problems confronting us while infusing the hope gained in the Christ Principle within each of us.  

Aligning with this truth means we are not limited by the problems facing us. Instead we step into the field of unlimited potential with opportunities and solutions forthcoming. We begin to see them when we did not before.  

Hope is a visionary mindset that we all need right now. Especially leaders. 

Even in the darkest places, there is always hope. Even in the deepest depths, hope says to the darkness: this too shall pass.  

Rev. James Buchanan