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We all have unique summits we will attempt to reach in life. I’ve mentioned the adage: It’s not the destination, it is the journey. In the Summit metaphor, the journey exemplifies “how” we travel to the summit. This is where we spend the majority of the journey right? It stands to reason we should visit the “how” to master our climb. To master that means we need to master our habits.    

When the word “habit” is mentioned, 95 percent of people have a negative impression of the word.      Part of my journey in life was attending the University of Memphis. I’m a Tiger for life. To all you Mustangs reading this (SMU), I apologize for the recent beatings the Tigers have placed on the Ponies for the last decade on the football field. Of course the Ponies of SMU have been handing it to the Tigers on the court lately – much to my dismay. It’s easy to see how good and bad habits (mostly bad) are unfolding for the Tigers' basketball season.    

Whether it be the Tigers or a team at your office, it will be the teams with the best habits throughout the year that stand tall at the Summit and WIN IT ALL. This principle applies to your spiritual habits as well. Look at the rising percentage of those in our country who claim to meditate regularly. It’s a sharp increase from even a decade ago. That is in response to the corresponding rise in distractions which are available. Another example of how Unity practices are an answer for the world today.    

As for my Tigers, they have disobeyed winning habits all year long and placed themselves in a vicarious position. They must win out the rest of the games this season or no NCAA Tournament for them. In which case, no seeing the view from the Summit. They are on a several game winning streak now as an example of how bad habits can be reversed. It does not have to be that painful!  

Thought sports are a nice metaphor, in the game of life, our own personal habits matter even more. Especially if we want to see the world change.    

Rev. James Buchanan 


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