Board & Staff

"What we see in others is a mirror of what we see in ourselves.  Let it be Love that you see.  Let it be Love that you are." ~ Kate McGahan

Unity of Dallas Staff

Reverend James Buchanan - Senior Minister

Reverend James Buchanan was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but he got to Texas as quickly as he could!  He grew up in Unity, and before beginning ministerial studies developed an extensive background in business, accounting, and creative arts, all of which serve him well in his leadership position as Senior Minister at Unity of Dallas.  
James began ministry leadership in his hometown at First Unity of Memphis.  He went on to work for two years as a ministerial intern at Unity of Hawaii under the guidance of Reverend Sky St. John.  The Hawaiian tradition of family, or `ohana, is evident in James’ example every day.  Back on the mainland, James was the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Little Rock, Arkansas, until he moved to Dallas.  
Besides Reverend Sky St. John, James benefits from the wisdom of many other Spiritual Leaders and Unity Ministers, but especially his mentors, Reverend Colleen Engel-Brown, from Little Rock, and Reverend Shawn Moninger, from Unity of Norwalk, Connecticut.  
On May 8, 2016, James took the platform as Senior Minister at Unity of Dallas.  Since then his welcoming spirit of joy and positive energy is attracting new members weekly.  With his wife, Tyler, and their precious daughter, Kayden, James’ `Ohana is growing Unity of Dallas with love and joy.

Bob Goodwin - Music Coordinator

Bob joined the Unity of Dallas staff in January of 1987 and has routinely shared his pianistic abilities with a host of soloists and ensembles, both great and small, not only for regular Sunday services but for concert presentations and private events as well. An accomplished organist, Bob has performed solo organ works such as some of the massive Mendelsohn Sonatas, Bach Fugues, and various orchestral transcriptions.

Accompanying a full congregation in one of the great hymns of the church is one of his greatest joys. And, it doesn’t stop there. Assorted silent movie presentations along with such hits as Great Balls Of Fire or Take Five have been in the spotlight as well! Outside of the church, Bob works with music students at Coppell and Dallas High Schools along with Brookhaven College and Mt. View College. As a free lance musician, Bob plays routinely for weddings and a wide assortment of private functions.

Evelyn Jantrakul - Operations / Database

Evelyn joined the staff of Unity of Dallas in 2003. She grew up in the Philippines and after receiving her Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering, she traveled for an import/export business to Australia and California and finally settled in Dallas. She worked for ADP and EDS in the Accounting, Data Processing, and Financial Infrastructure Technology department.

She is very grateful for the active, loving support and understanding of her husband and son to guide to her. She believes that joining the staff at Unity of Dallas was her spiritual path that continually guides her and her family.

Unity of Dallas Board

The Board of Directors is the team that guides the church spiritually and financially. While the work of the Board often involves budgets, personnel, and facilities; the board members also sign a pledge to support the church through their tithes, their prayers, and their commitment to applying Unity principles to any situation. If you wish to contact any board member, please send an email to the email under their name.

Robert Edwards - Board President

My vision is to help create a vibrant community where people can find spiritual, emotional, and healthful nourishment.  I believe we are truly a “Beacon” in the Unity Movement and our local community.  To quote Charles Fillmore: “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.”

Carolyn Barrow - Board Secretary

I am committed to assisting Unity of Dallas in becoming a spiritually unique and diverse community that is one of the pillars of the larger Dallas community; and a home for those who are on a spiritual seeking path.


Gerald Easterling - Board Member

I would like to see our membership grow along with spiritual and financial prosperity. 


Stephen Dunn - Board Member

I will willingly support my Spiritual community in any fashion where I can not only use my God-given talents and life skills to their utmost but also in creating conversations of abundance, joy, dedication, stability and unselfish service.

It is my goal to show the world through my attitude and outlook that I am supported and loved by my UoD family and to be openly willing to share how my community is a standard that suits my beliefs and efforts to be the best human I can be while experiencing this lifetime.

To also be of assistance and to support UoD in its inspired goals to be a thriving, self-sustaining, healthy and happy community of like-minded people.

To welcome all who cross our threshold with a handshake, a hug or a loving and open smile.

Rita De Young - Board Member 
I love Unity of Dallas and want to see it successfully meeting the needs of an ever diverse congregation.  We are beyond surviving; we are thriving!!.  I affirm that the Board serves with a unity of spirit and purpose so that Unity of Dallas can be the best that we can be!
Nancy Connors - Board Member 
I hold a vision to expand and promote youth and family connections within the Unity spiritual community.
Ken Curtis - Board Member 
I hold a vision to expand and promote youth and family connections within the Unity spiritual community.
Tony Coward - Board Treasurer 
All are welcome to join in the spiritual awakening and connection at Unity of Dallas through the many activities offered. I serve to promote and grow our spiritual community for the benefit of all who seek something meaningful and authentic to them.  I believe we should be in the flow of abundance while also being mindful of the needs of others.  

History of Unity

Unity in Dallas began in 1943, in a storefront building in downtown Dallas at 2020 Commerce Street. Led by Reverend Ruth Gillespie, the new Unity church consisted of one large room that could seat 100 with a small space partitioned off for the minister’s office. The congregation remained at that location until 1951 when the lease was not· renewed and the church only had a short amount of time to find a new facility. Reverend Gillespie found a building for sale at Greenville and McCommas in East Dallas. Originally a community church, then a daycare center, required a $10,000 down payment. In just one Sunday service, this dedicated Unity group of 100 people raised the necessary funds.

The church, then called Unity Church of Practical Christianity, held its first service in the new building in September 1951. The group was joined by an associate minister, the Reverend Cora Mae Crandall, who served alongside Reverend Gillespie for another 19 years until both of them retired. In August 1970, the Unity church merged with a local Religious Science group, and Dr. Curtis became the minister of the new church renamed The Unity Church of Dallas.

In a very short time the congregation outgrew this space, so plans were made to build a larger church. The land was purchased, about six acres, at the present location at 6525 Forest Lane, and the first phase of the present church was built. The first service was held October 14, 1973, in what is now Fellowship Hall. That remained the Sanctuary until 1986. In 1974, the congregation split with the departing members re-establishing Unity Church of Practical Christianity at its original Greenville and McCommas location.

As the congregation continued to grow, more parking was needed, so in March 1977, 5-1/2 acres adjoining the original parking lot was acquired. That purchase included the White House which was used for weddings, receptions and many other activities. In 1984, rapidly outgrowing the 350 seat sanctuary, Unity of Dallas began its “Build for Eternity” expansion program. In two years the present 1,000 seat Sanctuary, the Peace Chapel (renamed the John Webster Chapel in 2011), the Bookstore and Adult Classrooms were built. The first service in the present Sanctuary was August 24, 1986, with the official dedication service on October 12, 1986, just thirteen years after Unity began at this location.

In July 1992, Dr. Curtis decided to retire. The associate minister, the Rev. Ralph Lebkuecher, became the interim minister for 18 months. He was succeeded by the Rev. Marshall Norman for a period of eight months, after which the Rev. Debbie Tyson served as temporary minister. The Rev. Roy Healy was hired as senior minister in June 1995, but he also departed after a short tenure. Throughout these transitional years, John Webster, at the time a licensed Unity teacher, provided a steadying presence by conducting services whenever necessary and overseeing pastoral care. He was eventually ordained a Unity minister in 2001.

The Reverend David McClure became senior minister in May 1996 and served alongside his wife Donna until 2003. Donna entered a four-year ‘ ministerial program while working full-time at the church and was ordained by David at a celebration service in 2002. They brought in the Reverend Ellen Debenport as associate minister in 1999. She became senior minister in 2003 and served in that capacity until 2007. After extensive care for preserving architectural elements and decorative objects, The White House was demolished in 2007. Reverend Ed Townley served as interim senior minister for eight months in 2008. Reverend Karen Epps became senior minister in September 2008. She departed in 2010. Reverend Anna Shouse, Ph.D. served as transitional minister until February 2013. The Reverends Aliza Bloom Robinson and Rob Robinson became senior ministers in May 2013 and served for two years. In May of 2016, we welcomed James Buchanan (LUT) as our Spiritual Leader.  Onward and Upward!

John Webster has been called the spiritual rock of Unity of Dallas. He was certainly the heart of the church. An enthusiastic, early supporter of Unity of Dallas, John was a visionary who dedicated 30 years of love, light, and life to the pastoral care and prayer ministry of our church. He was the calm voice and a true leader whenever the church needed guidance. John’s dedication to the Christ Spirit kept him in constant prayer for people in need. From lovingly holding prayers in the prayer box each Sunday literally, to visiting people in hospitals or sitting with someone personally, he knew the power of prayer. His favorite saying, when it didn’t seem like he was getting through to someone, was, “Let’s get you prayed up!” He also took his prayer ministry to every hospital in the city. He liked to bring a stuffed animal to all the patients he was visiting, no matter what their age. He knew that they needed to not only know someone cared but to find hope in something tangible that they could hold on to.

Encouraged by Dr. Curtis, John began his illustrious career taking classes on a part-time basis and eventually became a licensed Unity teacher. When he retired from his job as Vice President of an insurance company, he opened his own agency and was very successful. He then sold his business and with the help of his wife Abbie, a Mary Kay Executive, John was financially able to devote all of his time to his pastoral and prayer ministry. He was ordained in 2001 after 30 years of love and prayer.

John was definitely a light for Unity and the world. A gentle soul who touched everyone he met. The greatest gift we can give to John’s memory is to strive to follow his example and let our own Christ Spirit shine through.

If you would like to honor John’s memory with a charitable donation, please contact the Unity of Dallas Endowment Fund for more information.