An Evening of Miracles with Michael Mirdad

This interactive evening talk is an amazing experience for ALL students of spirituality and healing.  It's especially informative for students of A Course in Miracles or "miracle consciousness ."
With one of the most respected teachers on Christ Consciousness and ACIM, Michael Mirdad, you can learn how to understand and apply the main principles of spirituality and/or healing.
Topics include: Learning how to experience Miracles, Practicing Forgiveness, Reality vs. Illusion, and Healing Relationships.
This event is diverse in topic and changes dramatically each time it is offered, as it addresses the questions and needs of each group.
Learning how to Experience Miracles 
-Reality vs. Illusion
-Healing Relationships 
-Healing and Guidance
-Replacing Fear with Love 
-Practicing Forgiveness
-Understanding the Ego 
-Healing the Heart & Soul
For information, call (972) 233-7106.
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