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Meditation Monday – November Theme: Gratitude!

Join Meditation Monday for a month of Gratitude!

Explore meditation practices each week that complement and deepen your existing practice or assist you in developing a new one. Each week, we begin with a settling in period, followed by a guided meditation.
In November, the theme for the guided meditation is "Gratitude!" We will celebrate all that we have to be grateful for, from our friends and family to our country and the planet we live on.

After the guided meditation, we sit in silence for 20 minutes with 5-minute interval bells. Use this time for your own practice, as a time of reflection and observation, as a time go deep within for comfort and answers from your still small voice within!

Meditation provides stress relief and mental clarity, Is your mind always racing and never seems to calm? Got a monkey in your mind that won't sit still? Bring that monkey and learn how to deal with his distractions and shenanigans!

If you can breathe, you can meditate.

We sit in comfortable chairs with our feet on the ground to meditate. Pillows and mats are available for those who wish to sit on the floor. Bring your mats, pillows, benches - whatever it takes to meditate comfortably.
Beginners always welcomed!

Event Facilitator Lynne Patterson [text 972-890-1031 with questions]

Love Offering for the Facility: Recommend $5 - $10. more if you can, less if you can't.