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Men For Unity Pathfinders is taking a summer break! We will back in the fall with new programs and more.



This meeting will be offered by Zoom.  Please email to get your invitation and instructions on how to join the class from your phone, tablet or computer.

We offer a safe place for men to gather, get "real", make friends, feel a sense of belonging & connection with other men, be a source of support to each other & to our greater church community.  

Men for Unity Pathfinders Guidelines  

Mission Statement: To provide a safe, supportive environment where men can express themselves authentically, be vulnerable and foster constructive connections with each other, with Unity of Dallas and with the broader community.   

Operational tenets:

1.       Confidentiality is observed in each group meeting.

2.       Each group meeting will have a ‘check-in’ process where each man will be given the opportunity to share what is on his heart without interruption. Each man begins by stating his name. There is no cross-talk while each man is sharing. Any man may opt out of sharing if he chooses. This type of sharing provides opportunity for the collective group to get to know the individual on a deeper level thereby promoting a sense of bonding. Each man will speak as needed unless he begins to ramble in which case the facilitator will ask him to finish. Most men in our culture have not experienced this level of sharing with other men. It can feel foreign and possibly scary to risk this type of sharing at first. Following the check-in there will be a discussion or process as announced by the facilitator. At the end of the meeting there will be an opportunity for each man to announce his parting feelings or comments.

3.       The group will encourage voluntary activities that promote bonding by men working together (i.e., supporting Unity of Dallas / Divine Sisters projects, cooking for events,  grill cleaning, other church projects, working together on community outreach activities, encouraging other young men).  

Valued Group Behaviors

1.       Respect for each man in the group. 

2.       Do not give advice to other men in the group unless it is requested.

3.       Do not discuss other member’s business outside the group. 

4.       If a member is not going to be present at a meeting it is requested that prior notice be given to the group as a courtesy.

5.       If a member decides to leave the group it is requested that the member give this notice prior to a meeting and attend the meeting following the notice to help bring closure.  

6.       Make “I” statements instead of you statements.  

Benefits of Men’s Group Membership

1.       Provides a sense of belonging. 

2.       Fosters feelings of connection.

3.       Diminishes feeling of isolation and loneliness. 

4.       Enhances ability to practice vulnerability.

5.       Become part of team activities for the greater good.