InSync with the Opposite Sex - A Co-ed PAX class

InSync with the Opposite Sex - A Co-Ed Listen/Learn Event
Would you like to know ...
- how the most basic instincts of men and women pit us against each other in the world of dating and relationships?
- how to honorably get what you need from your dates?
- the real truth of the mixed messages you receive?
- how to avoid coming on too strong and know how to deal with someone who does?
- how to eliminate the mine fields in pursuing the one you want?
- the benchmarks and timelines of dating and relationships, so you don't blow it yet again?
- how to be more self-expressed and less misunderstood?
Join us as we listen and discuss an amazing recorded workshop taught by Alison Armstrong ( Listen as Alison unravels the mysteries of dating through humor and 20+ years of science and social science. This information will immediately be useful for ALL relationships with the opposite sex whether dating or not.
You'll understand the conflicts, end the confusion and make the right choices. And if you're already married or in a long-term relationship, you’ll uncover miscommunications that may have wreaked havoc in your relationship and fix them.
- This is a Co-Ed event! Both men and women are encouraged to attend!
- Please feel free to bring any guests who are interested in developing a better understanding of men and women.
- A small donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of renting the room, handouts/materials, etc.
- It is suggested that attendees bring paper & pen to take notes.
- Seating is limited so please RSVP HERE!