March 3 - April 13 - Spring Book Club Series

This Year's Spring Book Study explores "Breaking the Ten Commandments" by Eric Butterworth
The study will run for 6 weeks, beginning the week of March 3 in homes of Unity members around the DFW area.
About the book:
We have been taught to keep the commandments, and we have kept them all too well. We have enshrined them like religious relics in sealed containers on the altar. Thus, it could be said that one lives by the commandments in much the same way as many persons live by a neighbor, never learning his name, let alone having any understanding communication with him."
--Eric Butterworth, Breaking the Ten Commandments
What is the spirit of the law behind each of the Ten Commandments? Take a closer look and rediscover the Ten Commandments as Butterworth reveals, in easy-to-understand terms, the deeper meaning behind the words.
You may already claim to live by the Ten Commandments, but do you live from them? As legendary spiritual teacher Eric Butterworth demonstrates in this classic text--reprinted in paperback for the first time--the Commandments hold keys to expanding your moral character, spiritual consciousness and loving contribution to society.
Butterworth encourages you to break the Ten Commandments, not through sinning, but by cutting through archaic language to unlock "hidden" meanings in biblical text. In doing so, the Commandments become more than a set of laws decreed by a divine dictator.
In the same way that Jesus emphasized the spirit of the law over the letter of the law, we can align ourselves with the deeper meaning of the Commandments. Their underlying principles can guide us in achieving metamorality--the highest level of ethical behavior, integrity, authenticity and spiritual awareness.
Previously published under the title MetaMorality.
Also available in e-book format.  
It's a great way to build connections with your fellow congregants while studying this impactful book.