Inspirational Message

January Inspirational Message

 It seems the word “scarcity” comes up a lot these days. In our everyday world, we think we didn’t get enough sleep, we didn’t get paid what we’re worth, or life didn’t give us what we deserved!
In Unity thinking, this type of “scarcity” thinking is countered with “abundance” thinking, which is the basis of who and what we are. We are children of God, God is abundance, hence, we are abundance ourselves. How easily and quickly we forget that, though we didn’t get enough sleep last night… we do have a plentiful breakfast available to us this morning and…the sun came up again to remind us we have a brand new day to surrender to a loving God and know that all is in divine order. In God’s world, all is perfect, even though it sometimes doesn’t look to be perfect. 
          I remember the days I was trudging up to the nursing home to see mom day after day, thinking, how could mom keep living in her last stage of Alzheimer’s? Why does she keep hanging on? And then I would enter those magical halls of angels caring for the aging and I got it! She’s hanging on so I can experience the wonder of this “world.” This isn’t a nursing home; it’s heaven. Just surrender, and feel the abundance within the pain, the plenty within the appearance of scarcity!! I was blessed day in and day out as she led me down this path of serenity. What had appeared so unbearable, so hopeless, was in fact, an opportunity for experiencing the Truth of who I really am.  I felt my own God nature as she and her caregivers shared the Truth of who they were with me. And I am grateful. My mom passed this last November. What a beautiful legacy she left for me.
          Myrtle Fillmore said it so well when she wrote in Healing Letters, “Be still. Be still. Be still. God in the midst of you is substance. God in the midst of you is love. God in the midst of you is wisdom. Let not your thoughts be given to lack, but let wisdom fill them with the substance and faith of God. Let not your heart be a center of resentment and fear and doubt. Be still and know that at this moment it is the altar of God, of love; love so sure and unfailing, love so irresistible and magnetic that it draws your supply to you from the great storehouse of the universe. Trust God, use God’s wisdom, prove and express God’s love. When we seek God, our temporal as well as spiritual needs are supplied.”
                                                                                                      “By wisdom a house is built,
                                                                                                             and by understanding it is established;
                                                                                                             by knowledge the rooms are filled
                                                                                                             with all precious and pleasant riches.”
                                                                                                                                                         Proverbs 24:3-4
May you know Peace and Blessings and Abundance in 2018!
Unity Prayer Chaplain