11am Service "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" with James Buchanan

Research shows after taking a mental time-out, your better at creative thinking and coming up with clever ideas and solutions.  When taking time out for spirit throughout the day, we connect to our true wholeness and well-being.  We don’t need scientific research to know that do we?
Is this part of your daily routine or what is your routine…or do you have a routine? Are you early to bed, early to rise or are you a night owl? 
In 2018, we’ll explore answers to questions such as these that lead to a primetime life.  And clearly for a primetime life we have have to prime daily! 
Can’t wait to see you Sunday!
This Sunday January 28 at 11 AM
Lainey Bernstein considers herself to be a mostly New-Thought musician, and she has released two CDs of original inspirational songs. She is a licensed Practitioner (Spiritual Coach), and she currently acts as interim Choir Director, and Music Team Leader at CSLDallas. She teaches Private Voice Lessons, Piano, and Performance Workshops, and she has earned the title "Master Teacher" at Park Cities School of Music. In addition to being a solo vocalist, she also plays Japanese Taiko Drums in a group called Taikodelic. She has created a life steeped in "all-things-musical." Creating Music is her Joy, her Passion, her Career and her Ministry.