1pm Workshop "A Healer's Odyssey" with Dr. Shaye

DR. SHAYE was a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for 20 years and has since dedicated his life to full-time service to God demonstrating an unusual gift of healing.
HIS WORKSHOP, “A HEALER’S ODYSSEY” is the story of his own spiritual transformation from atheist to spiritual healer. “Although I call myself a healer, this is a misnomer, as a healer is a conduit for Spirit to work through,” Dr. Shaye explains, giving all credit to God for each and every miracle he has witnessed. In the workshop, volunteers are used to demonstrate this healing gift while chronologically showing it’s unfolding. Some participants have seen a golden stream of light radiating from Dr. Shaye’s hands as he works.
DR. SHAYE WILL SHARE how God awakened him through dreams and inner guidance to the awareness of his “gift” from 1973 to the present.  Numerous miraculous cases will be presented.  Known for his down-to-earth style, his experience and breadth of medical and scientific knowledge engage even the most skeptical audiences.  He has presented this workshop overseas and for over 200 Unity churches.
WELLNESS LECTURE—“HI-LEVEL WELLNESS!”  In the wellness lecture, he will inform individuals how to take charge of their well-being: Spirit, Mind, & Body with the part dreams play in each.


“You are the genuine article and truly work to share your remarkable gift with all people.  I have heard only positive comments about your entire presentation.” Rev. J. Scott Thornton, Unity Ocala, FL
“In the course of 18 years as a Unity minister, I have never attended a more dynamic workshop nor a more enjoyable one. Your presentation was a remarkable demonstration of a very rare spiritual gift.”                        Rev. Bob Hungerford, Unity Palmdale, CA
“I have witnessed miracles as I have observed your treatments during the last few days, and I feel that you are one of the few authentic healers in the world today.” CEO Campaign for the Earth Foundation, Sasha White, Unity Boulder, CO
“Your Sunday lesson was inspiring, your workshop impressive, and many described their experience after their healing session as miraculous.” Rev. Connie Freeman, Unity Church of Memphis, TN
Suggested Love Offering: $30.00 
PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS (15—20 Minutes)   $50.00
March 12, Mon; March 13, Tues; March 14, Wed; and March 15, Thurs. if needed  
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