Enlightened Cafe with Majona Mason

Angels, and Guides, and Spirits, Oh My!
     Have you found yourself longing for a deeper spiritual connection and understanding of what life is all about? You have a connection to the Divine you may not even be aware of: an entire fleet of spiritual beings just waiting for you to ask for help!
     Join me in exploring the powerful, loving resources of angels, spirit guides and perhaps even spirits of your loved ones. We will discuss their differences, the roles they play in your life, and even how to establish a conscious connection with them. 
    I will share what I have learned through first-hand experiences and conversations with my out-of-body friends. I will even pass on to you the most valuable spiritual lesson they have taught me. 
     Make 2018 a year of exponential spiritual growth by reconnecting with your angels and guides, and inviting them into your circle of friends.