Passion Reboot

I am sitting on the floor of the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. The towering red rock walls and Spider Rock glisten in their evening bath of sunset. Soon I will hear the yip of the coyotes and behold a star-filled sky.

During this last evening of the four-day solo portion of my first vision quest, I am thinking back to how it started.

The Power of a Stand

Now that we know the vitality of the Earth is declining every day, the question becomes, “I’m just one person. How can I make a difference?”

According to Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, “The answer starts by first asking, ‘Who do we need to be?’ And I think who we need to be are people who know that the decisions and choices we make now impact the future of life for the next hundred years. Everybody alive today has a role to play.”

Confronting Conflict

My grandson asked, “How come you never get upset?” I reflected for a moment and responded by saying, “When people get upset, it is difficult to know what to say or do.”  As a teacher of tools for tough conversations, I have applied principles that take me from a place of shutting down around conflict to a place of purpose in resolving conflict.

The Ultimate Physician

In October of 2000 I was taking a Spiritual Gifts workshop. The results showed that the gift of Faith was coming into play. I wondered what that was all about. I was soon to find out. In December, after a fall on the ice, it was discovered that I had a rare, aggressive and often fatal type of cancer in my left knee. I was thankful for the workshop and the awareness of the gift of faith.

Healing Peace Found Me…

in a Dying Father, Crying Mother, Drunk Brother

We were coming up on two years of bonus life—almost two years past what any doctors or anybody thought my dad could live, and the days and nights were now very intense. My successful and acclaimed career was now in a new arena: Rev Caregiver. While it seemed a little too natural sometimes, at times it seemed strangely foreign and stressful.

Who Do I Choose to Become When Illness Manifests?

In 2004 my wife, Faith, was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition for which there is no medical treatment. The news was devastating. Nothing would ever be the same again. Together we began a five-year roller-coaster ride that painfully plunged us into confounding lows, and then catapulted us to unimaginable highs of spiritual insight and wonder. As I witnessed my beautiful wife’s brain dissolve, I questioned every sacred belief about life, faith, fairness, healing, purpose and God. Nothing went unquestioned.


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