October Inspirational Message

I took the class on “The I of the Storm” by Gary Simmons during SEE week. Wow! What an amazing book. I had so many breakthroughs and realizations.
The I of The Storm is about how to handle conflicts and how you can relate to it and become centered. “Centeredness is a true psychophysiological phenomenon that affects everything in your environment… Being centered is a mind/body experience that occurs when your attention and awareness form a bridge between the experience and your center… Not only does everyone have a center, everything has a center too… So, a center is both a place and a potentiality out of which harmony and balance occur.”
By practicing to find our center, we become less defensive and reactive to people or situations. Always remember that whatever is happening, it is not against you, nothing or anyone is against you. “Whatever has captured your attention, let it go… Bring your awareness to your center, to that part of you which is rooted in wholeness… Your center has many handles. You can easily access it by asking yourself a question. Here are some sample questions that will get your attention moving in the right direction: What am I making this mean? How is it possible that this feels like a threat to me? What belief do I have about myself that supports this feeling I have regarding the person or situation? What inner resource am I missing in order not to feel uneasy in this situation? What part of me wants to push this away or make the other person wrong?” Just remember these feelings or beliefs are not you. They are just some of the strategies that you have used to protect yourself or explain yourself.
I found it really easy to be able to find my center by just seeing the person or situation with love and compassion. By doing this I immediately shift to my center and feel the connection, which in turn changes my response, not reaction to coming from love and doing the right thing, which is the Truth of who I Am.
Many Blessings,