The Power of Spiritual Journaling

Join Eric Belair and Maryanne Patalano, author of "Journal Like God" and Regional New Thought Alliance President, to learn how to use Spiritual Principles to turn your personal journal into a POWERFUL LIFE-CHANGING tool.
Now is the time to take control of your life! Today is the day you can write your way to a more magnificent existence. Think your journals are private? Think Again. The Universe is reading your journals and taking creative action based upon their contents. This book explains in detail how to avoid the creative pitfalls of ordinary journaling, and instead write from your Highest Self perspective. There is remarkable power available to you and it can be accessed simply through writing in a journal.
Highlights of this 2-Hour Workshop include:
1)  Your journal is not private. The Universe is reading it and creating from it. 
2)  How to use new thought spiritual principles to turn your personal journal into a powerful life-changing tool. 
3) Uncover your ego's limiting beliefs. 
4) Understand and utilize the 10 core concepts of new thought. 
5) Align your thoughts to God/Spirit's thoughts, write from Spirit's perspective and co-create your life.
Whether you have never journaled, or have journaled your entire life, you will come away from this book/workshop with a completely new and creative method.
This event will be available via virtual formats such as Skype or Zoom.  Contact Eric at