S.E.E. Week (Spiritual Enrichment Education)

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity begins with SEE courses. Classes may be taken for your own enjoyment or for SEE course credit. Either way, your experiences will enrich your everyday life, for the rest of your life. 10 SEE credits available per class. Not to Miss: A Ranch Party follows on Saturday.
Complete registration via the link HERE!
Classes are $60 each.  If you wish to apply for S.E.E. credit, you do so through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI). 

10 AM Meditation — Deb Stoval LUT

Regular meditation practice results in vast mental and physical benefits. There are many effective ways to meditate. Practice and experience various forms of meditation to experience their benefits; explore methods to deal with resistance. Develop a regular meditation practice. Practice the Silence as the fundamental foundational teaching of Unity.

10 AM Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelations — Rev Paul Hasselbeck

Interpret scripture and discover deeper spiritual meanings of the Christian Scriptures. Contact the Higher Spiritual Self commonly known as the “Christ within” Cultivate self-knowledge and live “Christ consciousness.”

1 PM Metaphysics 4 — Rev Rachel Simpson

Your life expression expands when practically applying the fundamental teachings and beliefs of Unity. Charles Fillmore declared, “Our objective is to discern the truth in Christianity and prove it.” Examine Principles of Spiritual Law and apply them to life for greater love, health, and prosperity. Explore and experience the Kingdom of Heaven, the creative process, health, and prosperity. Realize spiritual potential and transform your life!

1 PM Self Awareness — Rev Geo Downer

Embark upon the journey of self-awareness to experience inner harmony and higher actions in life. Accelerate the process of growing into your True Self! We are more than our bodies. Body, soul, and spirit are one, so raise them all together! With practical application, you’ll explore dimensions of self, implement spiritual principles and honor every way of your being.

3 PM Jesus Teachings - 10 - Rev Geo Downer

As a student of Truth, receive a deepened understanding of the origin, methodology, and teachings of Jesus. Delve into deeper meanings of His teachings and consider their great influence and deep impact on our modern world. Examine and explore the sayings, parables, actions, and miracles of Jesus’ teachings.

3 PM Metaphysics 1 - 10 - Rev Paul Hasselbeck

Apply everyday principles to a life-bearing spiritual fruit, with deeper awakening and understanding. The fundamental principles of Unity metaphysics are explored and experienced while expanding your life into greater spiritual Truth.

5 PM Absolute Abundance - 10 - Rev James Buchanan

Immerse yourself through play and life experience to experiment and truly realize how our inner world creates our outer world. The universe will work for you in the way you want; you’ll feel like life is working and you’ll celebrate! This class is all about YOU! No more theory. Clearly see how “I already know that” is standing in the way of you reaching a level of abundance, richly deserved life. Use the blueprint to manifest the money you desire, the time to enjoy it, rewarding relationships & fun, fulfilling work.

7 PM 12 Powers - 10 - Rev Rachel Simpson

Experience and experiment with basic Unity principles, using The Twelve Powers, by Charles Fillmore, and PowerUP by Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton. Gain a working knowledge of Unity Truth Principles to practically apply these teachings into your own life. Learn the Truth and live in the power of your Divinity.