Spiritual Education Enrichment Week

Unity of Dallas

April 23-27, 2018

A Spiritual Journey of Expansion

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity begins with SEE courses. Classes may be taken for your own enjoyment or for SEE course credit. Either way, your experiences will enrich your everyday life, for the rest of your life. 10 SEE credits available per class. Not to Miss: A Ranch Party follows on Saturday.
Classes are $60 each.  If you wish to apply for S.E.E. credit, you do so through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI). 

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10 AM Discerning Your Purpose SPD 120 - Beverly Pryor
Create an action plan for fulfilling your life’s purpose with detailed steps to achieve your dream. Challenge your thoughts and desires to provide clarity of vision and explore your skills, abilities and spiritual gifts.
10 AM Prosperity NOW!! HTS130- Elexis Rice  
Gain the insight to change the entire direction of your life. Fill your mind with prosperity thoughts. Life is choice, as you live in complete blessing in a holy instant. Realize a prosperous flow of money, health, and relationships.
1 PM Bible Interpretation Hebrew Scriptures SCS110 - 10 - Rev James Buchanan & Dr. Dale Wong
Experience the reward and surprise of Bible interpretation in the practical Unity way. Learn a step-by-step metaphysical interpretation to uncover divine truths and spiritual realities. See how the Hebrew Scriptures go beyond form and physical circumstances to apply in your own life and on your own spiritual path.
1 PM Metaphysics 1 HTS105 - Rev Paul Hasselbeck
Discover fundamental concepts and principles of Unity’s spiritual philosophy. Understand consciousness, and evolve spiritual awareness as you recognize the important part you play. Use the Silence, guidance, meditation and affirmative prayer to express Christ Consciousness. 
3 PM The Christ SCS125 - Rev Geo Downer
Engage in your very own belief system around Jesus and The Christ idea in this fun and experiential class. You’ll use the Bible and other spiritual teachings to validate and experience the Christ-hood of all people. Experience putting on the Christ and Beholding the Christ in others.
3 PM Metaphysics 2 HTS110 - Rev Paul Hasselbeck
What about God, the universe and you? How does it all come together and where do you fit in? Unity is distinct from traditional Christianity, and you’ll discover a redefined and repurposed Christian terminology to make it more approachable. 
5 PM Overview Hebrew Scriptures SCS100 -David Drumm
Experience a revelation about what is traditionally known as “the Old Testament.” Explore the history of the time to see how and why these books were written. Examine the community of shared purpose and value, as you
trace the growth of consciousness of the Hebrew Scriptures and participate in how you continue part of that story even today.
5 PM Self-Care SPD-115 - Rev James Buchanan 
Be aware of care for mind, body, and spirit. Make choices that reflect your well-being. Discover your best self, and make conscious contributions to family, community and the world. Instill self-care in the areas of awareness, mindfulness, setting boundaries, letting go, forgiveness and self-love.
7:15 PM Self-Awareness SPD110 - Rev James Buchanan & Rev Geo Downer
Embark upon the journey of self-awareness, and experience inner harmony and higher actions in life. Accelerate the process of growing into your True Self! We are more than our bodies. Body, soul, and spirit are one, so raise them all together! With practical application, you’ll explore dimensions of self, implement spiritual principles and honor every way of your being. 

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