"The Political History Of Luxury Food & Drink"
Dr. Paul Benson will present a micro-history on the fascinating and sometimes incredible history of salt, pepper, spices, coffee, tea, cola, beer & wine. Most of these commodities started their existence as medicine and were often available only to aristocrats or the super-rich, yet they managed to have an impact on some of history's most important events such as Columbus' discovery of the New World.
~~"Paul Benson is a teacher's teacher. He is a virtual Alexandria Library, Smithsonian, National Archives, and History Channel rolled into a remarkable spiritual/human being." 
~~"He is the most masterful presenter of historical information I have ever witnessed in my life. He leaves no stone unturned in so far as details are concerned and is always ready to respond with the history for each of the component parts." 
~~"Paul Benson is the finest history professor and storyteller I have ever known."