Sunday 9am Service - What's Your Story? 3

We've been asking at Unity of Dallas "What is your story?" and "what is it becoming?"  So, how is your story coming along?
I hope you've spent time in your heart, breathing and listening to the truth of YOU over the past couple of weeks. We've done the first two steps of a very intuitive process that perhaps has helped you come to the realization of what is next in your own story. Today we'll review the first two steps and I'll teach you the third as we put the finishing touch on this very creative process.
My journey to Dallas truly reflects the willingness we have to trust our intuition or the nudges that we get when we have to become willing. It shines light on the boulders that seem to push us in directions that hadn't been on our map - such as my personal journey from New York to Hawaii to Little Rock and finally to my home in Dallas. Even though the signposts of life may initially seem to go against our heart, we remain open to the nudges, allowing ourselves to expand and move forward, even when those tenacious roots seem to really want to dig in. Yet, moving through this process, the roots now extend far out past our feet while our heart space wraps around our highest good.
Facilitator:  Rev. James Buchanan
Location:  Fellowship Hall