What type of event are you proposing?

Choose more than one if they apply. For instance, if you are planning a concert with a dessert afterwards, this requires two separate set-ups, so pick Concert and Potluck/Food

Presenter & Contact Information

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Event Contact Name

About Your Proposed Event


Please let us know the best start date and time AND end date and time of your proposed event. If your event covers multiple days & times, please describe in detail.
If your first choice of date/time doesn't work, please suggest an alternate schedule.

Room Size & Set-up Needs

If your event requires multiple rooms, please specify size & quantity for each room. We have 3-feet wide rectangular tables (6' & 8'); 1.5-feet wide rectangular tables (6' & 8') and round tables (48" & 72")
Please include all rooms you will need. Each room needs set-up directions (theater style, classroom style, completely cleared with table at the front, etc.)

Financial Arrangements & Event Assistant Need

Is it a flat fee or love offering? Who will receive the money?
Please list the price per attendee or expected love offering/donation. What is the proposed percentage going to Unity of Dallas? Our typical arrangement is 50/50 but we are open to alternative arrangements.
IF you need support from Unity of Dallas just prior to or during your event, such as help with registration, taking in money or provide general assistance, please describe your need.

Marketing & Promotion

If you wish for Unity of Dallas to cross-promote your event internally as well as to the local community, please provide us with a description of your event in 100 words or less. Please also email us with any marketing materials you may already have in place once your event has been approved by our staff.
This includes Posters or flyers, etc.

A/V Equipment/Set-up/Assistance Needs

e.g. Macbook, Laptop, other?
NOTE: only qualified technicians may use the equipment in Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary. Price available upon request.
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